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21 May

“Adapt or die”, or: How You Have to Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the New State of Play in Australia’s Documentary Industry

Australia’s documentary and factual industry faces great challenges: the rapid increase of digital and online means of distribution and continuously changing financial and business models create fears and new opportunities at the same time. How Australia’s documentary business community can master these new challenges was the focus of DocWeek’s Australian International Documentary Conference (AIDC) 2014.

15 April

DocWeek – Adelaide Australia March 2014

‘Splendour, Fear, Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll, Wonder, Death and all the other things you love’. This is DOCWEEK’s tagline and it accurately portrays the depth of content on show and up for discussion at Australia’s International Documentary Festival (AIDC) – DOCWEEK.

16 March

Ghost stories and cowboy hats: Australia’s Indigenous directors delve into genre

Two major feature films emerged in 2013 from established Indigenous directors: The Darkside – Warwick Thornton’s highly experimental collection of true ghost stories (which screened recently at the Berlin Film Festival); and Mystery Road, Ivan Sen’s moody detective thriller, set in a racially divided outback country town, complete with cowboy hats, corrupt cops and tense shoot-outs.

Down Under Berlin is a fantastic opportunity for Australian filmmakers

  • Henry Boffin – DUB filmmaker 2013

    “Down Under Berlin is a chance to deliver Australian culture and film into the laps of the European climate which gives us, as Australian Filmmakers, a brilliant chance to learn and grow.”

    - Henry Boffin – DUB filmmaker 2013
  • Diane Busuttil – DUB filmmaker 2013

    “Down Under Berlin is an eclectic representation of the many talented Australian artists living and working in Berlin and Australia.”

    - Diane Busuttil – DUB filmmaker 2013
  • Matt Richards – DUB filmmaker

    “A great opportunity to share our work with Melbourne’s favourite European city.”

    - Matt Richards – DUB filmmaker
  • Daniel Biggins – DUB filmmaker 2013

    “Down Under Berlin is a chance for two cultures to come closer to compare and contrast their traditions of story telling.”

    - Daniel Biggins – DUB filmmaker 2013
  • Victoria Goodyear – DUB filmmaker 2013

    “Down Under Berlin is a wonderful showcase of Australian films in one of the coolest cities in the world.”

    - Victoria Goodyear – DUB filmmaker 2013


Down Under Berlin welcomes you to its 4th film festival with a range of moving, entertaining and thought-provoking films over four days from 11th to 14th September 2014, as we explore the theme: MAKE IT HOME.

With its long history of migration, Australia and New Zealand have become a new home for millions, many of whom search for their ancestral homes in other parts of the world. A home away from home: in the special focus Aussies Abroad we take a look at a number of filmmakers from Down Under who have found their cinematic inspiration in places and people all around the globe. The plurality of home means that we can find it in unexpected places, and with people who become our family.

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